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Loha Vete set out on their adventure with the Vultures, leaving the foamy $6 lattés on the Venice boardwalk for 50¢ moonshine called Buck’s Bullet. Maxi was initiated through a series of ball breaking tests such as a tickling contest and the red pepper Vodka challenge. A failure at most, the gang found that Maxi’s true skill lay in his ability to use his Scottish accent to distract cops whilst they heisted beef jerky, beer and a 1973 Trans AM.

On a stretch of road that Forrest Gump would have been proud of, on a dusky Arizona sky night, the Vultures christened Maxi with the Hustler t shirt, a quality that all outlaws must possess.

  • 12 Gage Shotgun Shot
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Italy
  • Ships Worldwide 



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