JUAN JOVI Reversible T Shirt

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Loha Vete was introduced to Juan Jovi backstage at a titty bar called Bohama Skies whilst they were on their Holy Guacamole tour, following the success of the Mexican Billboard #1 debut Album, "Juan Jovi, Two Jovi, Three". Just before they met, Maxi walked in on them playing an acoustic version of  their hit "Living on a Peso". 

Juan asked Loha to make them a tour t shirt in exchange for 3 cases of Chango Tequila. Juan was so happy with it, that he said that if he could cry he would. Juanito we miss you! 

  • 12 gage Shotgun Shot
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • Reversible
  • Ships Worldwide 





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