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Hanging out with a biker gang you’d think there'd be a steady stream of Black Sabbath and Mötorhead in the background all the time. You’d be kinda right, cos it’s way darker than that. Anyway, one night as the gang paused for a gap as we crossed through Kansas in a bar called the Hole, a friendly place where if one desired they may partake in pork tacos, $2 shots and heroin. There was a live band playing called Juan Jovi (there’s a tour t shirt we snagged and re created for you) man these guys looked like they’d been dragged off the set of Michael Jackson’s thriller and thrown in a mariachi band outfit. In between songs, Maxi’s phone goes off, to make things worse his buddy had set his ring tone to Justin Bieber. Maxi had his ass handed to him and lost use of his tongue for a couple of weeks. Talking to him on the phone was like talking to a super stoned John Wayne.

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