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At a dive casino in Reno, Nevada called Fortune’s Fate, was to be the place that Loha Vete would wind up trying to score a bail bond for Loha girl, Hai, who had knocked out a guy on the Sunset Strip for talkin’ shit. The bartender points Maxi to a set of stairs which is where he is to meet McKnuckles, the leader of the Los Cruces Vultures, an outlaw biker gang based outside of Las Vegas. Maxi, having lost $200,000 trying to hang with Charlie Sheen at black jack, only had his leather jacket, and a 24k Gold Mont Blanc pen he had been given by the Sultan of Bel Air, as collateral for the bond.

After bailing Hai out, he managed to win back some money and paid the Vultures back plus 2 points. Turns out this was the fastest any loan shark had been given back their money in the tri-state area. A friendship grew and as such the journey of Loha Vete’s life as an outlaw begins.

  • Shot with Shotgun in LA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Italy



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