What is freedom? You may have asked yourself that before. Does freedom mean being careless? Fearless? Pathless? What if freedom means everything and less? What if freedom is an overdoes of everything? You may have thought about animal’s freedom, especially those that fly; birds, butterflies. Even flying itself, that sounds pretty free to me. But then there are very few ways for our species to fly though. One of which is getting on a plane. Getting on a plane and go meet someone or run from something. Flying in anyway is always surprising. What if freedom was just being in love with surprise? Being in love with not knowing but having the will to know? To go for it.

There once lived a passioned Parisian artist, named Man Ray. He was a painter, a photographer and a sculptor. He lived life to the full, because life to him was to live, to be with someone, to have someone. For him this was personified in Juliet Browner. Juliet too was completely in love with him, but she was a model and dancer… a bird. Man and Juliet met in Europe after Man left Los Angeles, and they moved in together almost immediately. Juliet was a bright and inspired woman with no limits. There love with built in love and passion, apparently there was nothing that could separate them. However this was turn out to be untrue. Distance and freedom, haunted their love.

Due to their nationalities, they had to separate often; she was American and they had issues with visas and work. The only way they could keep in touch when they were apart, was through letters and photography, a thing they shared in common as she wanted to be a photographer. All would have been fine, if she was not so free.

Love for Juliet was what they shared, built, what they felt in their hearts and that would exist even if they were apart. But for Man, love was to be together, to be able to look at and hold each other, to breathe the same air. They had quite a few problems about it and once Man wrote to her revealing what he felt and that he did not believe that she felt the same way. Throughout the letter he talks about the visa and other issues they had, including the fact that she took a long time to answer his letters and that gave him the feeling of unrequited love. Juliet couldn’t respond all the time as she was spreading her wings, she was grabbing life by the horns, discovering he talents and dreams. Man contradicts himself when he has the realization when he tells her “I love you beyond all words”. This in itself is an achievement of freedom, getting to grips with his feelings and realizing that no matter what he or she said, he loved her regardless. They grew apart. After a long struggle with illness Man died from a lung infection, which is quite easy to understand, as she was the air he breathed. Juliet, on the other hand, died of a heart attack, she loved till her heart stopped.

Being free is to achieve this point, to love beyond all words, things, people, race, color or creed…. Just fucking love. Love it all, love it to the full, go for love and never look back. Scorned love is a young love that will hold you back, unconditional love is the love that will set you free.

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